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Customers Feedback


Values & Success => what’s behind it?

Dear Dany, Values & Success => what’s behind it? I was filled with a burning curiosity. I was familiar with the way you presented seminaries from attending a company seminar. It was absolutely clear to me, if I should ever want to get involved with this topic, then only with you. Reflecting for three days and working on myself – well, the opportunity came around at the perfect time. Now I’m sure I am taking the right path.
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  Thank you for allowing me to focus on myself. I’m not finished yet, but will most definitely come again. A fat thank you . Elke F. - Manager

You often showed me the mirror

Dear Daniela, I thank you, from my whole heart, for this seminar. The way I feel today, is that I am not yet able to measure and take in account everything I have learned, as well as putting it to present use. You often showed me the mirror, and most importantly showed me what is possible when I have clarity and believe in myself; especially trust my own actions. (Modified, because of the length.) I hope that you stay as you are and continue to inspire every individual to live their life. Love and a warm hug . Natalie P. Top Manager

To feel what is tucked under my “thick” skin hurts.

Dear Dany! Also this seminar has guided me, a big step forward, in my personal development. I have been taking a look at the things that I have preferred to cover up. To feel what is tucked under my “thick” skin has hurt me. But you have accompanied and guided me through this pain and I continue with confidence within, that everything is as it should be and that I am approaching a wonderful life. I am looking extremely forward to our intensive 3 ½ days , and can’t thank you enough. You are priceless. In deep loyalty – Silvia H. - Entrepreneur


Daniela C. Szasz
Kreuzäusl 3A
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