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Values & Success => what’s behind it?

Dear Dany, Values & Success => what’s behind it? I was filled with a burning curiosity. I was familiar with the way you presented seminaries from attending a company seminar. It was absolutely clear to me, if I should ever want to get involved with this topic, then only with you. Reflecting for three days and working on myself – well, the opportunity came around at the perfect time. Now I’m sure I am taking the right path.
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  Thank you for allowing me to focus on myself. I’m not finished yet, but will most definitely come again. A fat thank you . Elke F. - Manager

I’m looking forward, with excited anticipation, to the next coaching with you.

Dearest Dani, I thank you with my whole heart for the 3 intensive and eye opening days of training. My deepest thanks, that I was able to near ME so much closer. That I was able to experience WHO I AM. After 10 years of seminar teachings in similar topics, I finally have the feeling that I have arrived through you, as the coach who recognized ME, and with whom I have THOROUGHLY CLEARED my blockades. I am setting my own pace and within a short period of time have arrived at breaking through insights. Thank you for your clarity, your wisdom, and for your “already seen” and professional guidance. Many thanks for your comforting and clear questions and feedbacks. The weekend over triumphed my intentions and wishes, and with an excited anticipation, I’m looking forward to the next coaching with YOU. It will be an awesome 2013, and I’m looking forward to THAT, who I AM. Thank you that you have supported me with so much clarity and joy, while revealing my potentials. FINALLY !!! I embrace you in a forever thankfulness. Kathrin K :-)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was totally surprised, for I didn’t know I could expect; clear guidance right down to discovering my weaknesses and illusions. I could immediately work out many of these things. I am sure that a great deal from this, and the fact that I was willing to accept the impulses, will be solved and changed. Clarity and consequential were the results of my feelings. I was surprised that I obviously wasn’t aware of my own values. (Modified, because of the length). Thank you dear Dani – Frank F.


Daniela C. Szasz
Kreuzäusl 3A
A-6385 Schwendt
(bei Kitzbühel - Tirol)

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