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Complete Success

What exactly does − a holistic way to success − mean? A holistic path to success embodies building various optimal modules needed, in order for you to live a fulfilled life. It encompasses the basic fundamental materials, and proceeds up to the highest level available on this earth; the spiritual level. The first one begins with concrete measurable items: earning money, building a career, improving relationships and health. The second path begins with probing the – what’s it all for − questions. Why am I here? What goals should I achieve? What is my calling? I don’t consider either path better or more important than the other; both are equally valuable. I don’t believe, though, in resting in the – here and now – just because it’s so peaceful, while on the other side, the bailiff is regularly ringing at the door, or the bills pile up in such a way, that not even a speck of dust has a chance to squeeze into your mailbox. ;) I don’t think much of focusing solely on earning more, gaining power, status and such either − while losing your soul, because you don’t know what you’re feeling and why and for what you continue to do all of this. You need both, and I’m the bridge that will show you how you can combine both paths in your life and follow it. 

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