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Go 4 values

The name, Go 4 Values, and what’s behind it, was found through a longing.

For some time, it has been my desire to put together my personal life preferences and what I advocate and encourage in life. After months of research, I combined, what to me are the most important factors in the following definition.

Go4” – is a command to act. It is positive and provocative. Every day it tells me anew:

Do it – get involved – give your best.

Each single letter in the word, “Values”, holds its own meaning, containing its own individual worth. I personally identify with these definitions, for they are all important to me. Every participant has the same chance to develop his or her own personal worth, as well as discover what he or she should represent and be more involved in.

V = Values

A = Authenticity – Be yourself. And stand up for yourself; just the way you are.

L = Loyalty – especially to yourself; as well as those, whom you have made promises to and who trust you.

U = Unique – I believe, everything we do and the way we do it, makes each one of us in our own way unique. Like every person is allowed to be distinctive; and is. Individualism & strength is encouraged. It’s all about being original and not a copy.

E = Excitement – what would life be like without it? Enthusiasm is very important to me. I would not want to live without happiness and enthusiasm. It would be mundane … boring … dead..
I love life, and I love to feel alive.

S = Success – Being successful is a wonderful uplifting feeling. It makes no difference in what one is successful in; whether it’s your business, relationship, hobby or health.
Personally the letter “S” has additional meanings for me.

Spirituality, Sensitivity und Sensibility = I’m a strong, but at the same time sensitive person, which is sometimes a drawback when you need to be independent.

One day, I discovered, though, that my drawbacks were advantageous as well. Through this I sensed more what is happening around me; not only what is shown to me. I am able to recognize early on if someone is lying to me, although they may be smiling at me. It is utmost helpful, if necessary, to have developed that sixth sense towards my fellow man.

Spirituality, in all its depths, holds different meanings for everyone. Without being dogmatic in any way, I know what it means to me. Anyone is able to find the answers within himself when he is ready to.

The name, Go4 Values with Daniela Claudia Szasz, is internationally confirmed and is listed under a registered patented copyright. My intention was not only to protect my work and interests, but also to prevent and hinder any illegal copying of my work. My work isn’t copied either. I believe in originality or I would let it be. Creativity and hard work is behind each innovative idea.

For years I have attempted to “fit in”, and have repeatedly reached the same conclusion: I can’t do that. And because I am a person of contrasts, who enjoys bringing opposites together; that is exactly what I have accomplished. I am a firm believer of the “just as well as” principle.
If you feel you or your company can identify and comply with these principles, you are warmly welcomed to work with me.

Your Daniela C. Szasz

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