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The Pillars

In order to create a breakthrough in your life – a healing transformation – I work with at least five different pillars. In order to finally live a fulfilled and successful and happy life on this planet I have followed the following guidelines. In order to follow my life’s path, I was willing to temporarily sacrifice, earning more money, in order to reach what I’m here for.

“If each person would follow his own life’s path, as to why he’s even here, the world would be richer and no one would have any financial problems.” (Dany Szasz)

Meanwhile I’m more than ever convinced about that.

What is the basis of my work: As mentioned above, 5 pillars support my work in individual coaching. I’m convinced that if I would leave only one level out, my program wouldn’t be complete and therefore not as clear for you.
Pillar 1 – Physical Level. −This concerns of health and physical state. If something isn’t quite right, in other words illness, then the other areas can’t possibly develop freely. Many people regularly numb their bodies; for example through cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, energizing drinks, drugs etc. in order not to be able to sense or feel more deeply. The fear of discovering what lies on the lower level is so devastating that one is willing to take on any distractions. Depending on the medication level, (for example regular drugs), the healing process will take a lot longer since parts of the body and its cells have been destroyed.
Pillar 2 – Mental Level −This level is about what one thinks and what one was convinced of over a longer period of time. This is what our beliefs are based on. But first let me say this − EVERY person has his beliefs!! For example, if someone has a lot of negative beliefs, a fulfilled and successful life is almost impossible to achieve. But if he should reach his goals after all, he’ll experience regular downfalls. His life will repeatedly be influenced, in one way or another, by material and/or emotional pitfalls.
Pillar 3 – Emotional Level – It’s often not just about the beliefs that one has, but the stored emotions. That’s what this level , among other topics, deals with. It’s the level of suppressed emotions and feelings. That’s the level that is concerned with sensitive wounds, which we have been partially carrying within ourselves for so long, that we conscientiously can’t even recall or want to remember them. That means everything we refused to deal with, (because it seemed too stupid or not all that bad), has been buried into our subconscious. That could result in us leading our lives with the handbrake pulled, or that we may never find true happiness. It could mean our relationships will end time and time again in disaster, like always trusting the wrong people and that something always goes wrong. You never quite make it to rise to success, and you seem to furtively struggle on . You ask yourself, “Why me?” and on and on it goes.
Pillar 4 – Energy Level − All the above mentioned and described pillars leave their marks; marks in your energy circle or the so called aura. Foreign energy, which isn’t a part of you, can still influence you, can settle very easily in your circle, if your being hasn’t been healed, cleaned and strengthened. For this reason, it is utterly important to include each and every level. We should be keenly aware of this area, to purify and strengthen it. Most people underestimate this level and its effects. I truly enjoy working at this level and stirring things up into the consciousness.
Pillar 5 – Spiritual Level – I worked the longest at this level. It’s all about the questions ; What am I doing here? Why am I here, Is this all some kind of joke? And so on. It took a long time for me to find the answers. – Much too long in my case. The universe up there, however, is unaware of time, and therefore has no stress. Impatience is a very human trait, and only at home upon our earth. Life itself could only reiterate: It takes as long as it takes. For everything there’s a reason. (Dany Szasz) I have to admit, quotes like that, sometimes drove me mad. It’s at this level that the question of free will understandably comes up. If you were convinced at all the other levels, just because it was always propagated, you will , at the very latest, be overcome with doubt here. And that’s the way it should be! This is the level that will give you a thorough shaking, if you stand up to it. With that it will automatically include all other levels and clarify them.
It is simply the inner unfulfilled longing that has led you to this level. And you won’t rest as long has you are on the search for what your heart yearns for. (Dany Szasz)

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