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PM International. Simple. Successful

While many other German companies find themselves developing into `problem children`, the opposite is actually the case with PM-International. The German company from Speyer has to be described as THE model German company within the direct marketing industry. This impression was further strengthened with a visit to PM`s World-Management-Congress which took place on the 18.04.2009. Over 2,500 qualified business partners from the company were in attendance at the sell out event which occurred in a hall in the Black Forest in Karlsruhe.

PM international is made up of solid values, a conservative financial policy but above all it is based on consistency and perseverance. However the company still offers and maintains these German virtues. PM-International was boring, was stable but not really `sexy` – that was to be heard again and again. The open criticism was made as the company introduced a whole host of new products and it is possible to say with certainty that this was the start of a new era for PM-International…Read more


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