the value of a good health…

8. Dezember 2008

you start to realize how much it means to be healthy, in each moment when this is missing. this year i use to work a lot, to build up again for the 3rd time in MLM a carrier in a short period of time.

to become the fastest woman in the presidents team position in our international company and also the youngest again, that means smthng. yes, but in the same time.. i payed the price for my success allways too.

since 5 days or so, i can`t sleep at night, i have horrible stomach, sometimes even hearth pains and i just can`t fall asleep. You also realize how long a night can become, when everybody else is sleeping arround you and you are the only one who is awake, only wishing to sleep too.

I do love my Life, and i do love my success, but again and again, what i learn out of such rar moments is – the blessing of beeing in a good shape in a good health, not only physically but also energetic and emotionally.

And every time i promise myself to take better care of myself, to rest more, to enjoy life more..bevor hidding for the next success.

Love to all of you outhere



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